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an oldie but goodie, i tweaked it a little bit...

tres gorrific... enjoy for the sake of randomness

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awesome, your left leg looks like the bone is coming out.
yes! and did you notice the gang-green on my waist?
not til now
I thought that was a festering bite wound.
meh..festering..gang green.. its a all around nasty infection.
I'd shag that kinda zombie
You make death look so very arousing. Something no one needs to become too fixated on ;)
aww thanks! i like how you phrased that..
oooh, sexy zombies.
i like your icon!
HOT!! Thanks for sharing!!
np! i enjoy doing the pics.. so very hot!
Wheeeeeeeeee! Is nice. I like the perspective on it :P
wow.. on so many levels! from the head wound to the compound fracture, with a quick detour at the festering hip, and all points between..

thanks for the great comment. noone else seemed to notice my festering hip... its one of my fav. parts...